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Plan a Birthday Proposal

Happy birthday and will you marry me? Planning the perfect proposal for their birthday is the best time to get all friends and family together without being suspicious.

There are many great ways in which you can plan their birthday proposal, here are a few:

Birthday getaway

Take a trip where it will mean a lot to your partner. Maybe it's a beach location or the mountains. Either way, it will be an amazing time with unforgettable lifetime memories.

Surprise party

Plan a party and surprise your love with the ultimate surprise. Invite your loved ones so you can celebrate the huge milestone.


Pop the ring into the birthday cake and watch while they cut into the cake to find their big surprise!


Write it inside a birthday card. You can also write a few words expressing your love for your partner, it's a great keepsake.

Grand gesture

Plan a romantic sunset picnic, somewhere where she would like to go, this could be a park or by the river. Another grand gesture is filling her home with her favorite flowers. Play her favorite music, light some candles and have something tasty cooking. Pop the question and enjoy a fun-filled night together.

Thinking of proposing on vacation in Miami? Take a look at our propose on vacation blogpost.

We have been organizing proposals in Miami since 2018. Let us plan your perfect marriage proposal. Contact us here to get started!

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