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Q: What does a proposal planner do?

A: A proposal planner saves you not only time and money but a lot of stress.  We coordinate your marriage proposal from conception all the way through to your magical day. 


Q: Why should I hire Ludirak Photo as my proposal planner?

A: We have a ton of experience organizing memorable surprise marriage proposals in Miami.  As Miami proposal event professionals, we only work with the very best vendors for your proposal.  Plus, our knowledgeable proposal coordinators take care of the whole proposal experience, giving you peace of mind. 


Q: What sort of proposal packages do you offer in Miami and surrounding areas?

A: We offer a wide range of packages from proposing with a private beach dinner on Miami beach to proposing on a jaw-dropping ocean view rooftop.  Our most popular proposal package is the Villa Vizcaya, the Miami landmark.  It just depends on the couple’s personality.  We are the most-sought after proposal planners in Miami.  All of our packages include a dedicated proposal planner, romantic proposal décor, a detailed proposal plan and a discreet proposal photographer.

Q: Do you offer proposals at Vizcaya? 

A: Yes, we do, take a look at the package here.  We setup your surprise marriage proposal and include a professional proposal photographer to capture your special moment.


Q: What are the prices of the proposal packages?

A: Our proposal packages start at $700 upwards.


Q: Where do you plan proposals?

A: We plan marriage proposals in Miami and South Florida.


Q: Do you offer videography?

A: Yes, we offer videography.  This has become a popular way to capture your proposal and share on social media platforms.


Q: Do you offer live musicians?

A: Yes, we work with amazing musicians in Miami.  Let us know if this is something you want to incorporate into your proposal.


Q: How long in advance should I book my proposal?
A: We ask you to give us around 4 weeks’ notice from the date of your envisioned marriage proposal.  This gives us time to reach out to our vendors and start the planning process.


Q: We do not drink alcohol; do you offer alternatives?

A: Yes, we do offer non-alcoholic drink alternatives.

Q: Do you discuss proposal ideas in person?

A: We can set up a WhatsApp video consultation or a Zoom call, we want to accommodate you so let us know what works with your schedule and preference.


Q: How do I book a Miami proposal package?

A: Our booking process is easy and convenient.  You can call +1 (305)-815-7151 or send us an email  Also, you can message via WhatsApp or direct messages on Instagram.

Q: Where can I see some proposal inspiration?

A: Check out our Pinterest page, which is full of proposal ideas and inspiration.  We also have our blog on our website, which is jammed packed with proposal advice on how to propose in Miami.


Q: What happens on the day of the proposal?

A: Your dedicated proposal coordinator will be there on the day of your proposal event, to make sure everything goes smoothly for your unforgettable moment.  Your proposal photographer will be there beforehand in place to capture the special moment.

Q: How will the proposal planner help on the day of?

A: We make sure everything goes smoothly and in a timely manner so we can achieve that element of surprise.  We are behind the scenes, checking the weather forecast, floral arrangements etc, flawlessly executing everything, so you can enjoy your proposal day.

Q: What do I need to do in the event that I need to cancel/reschedule?
A: Please advise us by emailing or by calling +1 (305)-815-7151 at least 7 days of your proposal event date.

Q: What if I am running late?
A: If you are delayed, please get in touch with us.  Should you arrive 15 minutes or more late for your proposal event, it will be forfeited. You may add additional time, please get in touch for rates.

Q: What happens if it’s raining?
A: We can reschedule or locate an indoor venue available.

Q: When will I see the photos from our proposal?
A: We will email a link invite to your email address on file for you to view your photo gallery within five business days.  The photos will stay on our server for 3 months then they automatically delete.

Q: I am already married; do you offer a re-proposal service?

A: Yes! It would be our pleasure, please get in touch with us to find out more and to start proposal planning!

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