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Propose on Vacation

Whether you are planning a private sunset beach engagement, a surprise proposal among close friends and family. There is nothing more romantic than planning a vacation with your significant other and then popping the big question.

How to propose

Proposing is a big deal, it’s something you both will remember for the rest of your lives. Planning a surprise engagement in a different city or state can be a challenge. If you have never visited the location, you may not have local knowledge, like what time is rush hour or the popular tourist spots.

When to propose

Should you propose at the beginning or at the end of your vacation? There are pros and cons to both. This is a personal choice, is the vacation all about the engagement or is there a birthday or something special? You may be a nervous wreck and want to pop the question at the start so you can relax and celebrate. Or you may want to plan something special on your last day of the vacation.

Plan ahead

Don’t underestimate anything, you want to make sure you have planned everything in advance and have a contingency plan. You should also research if there are any big events to over shadow your proposal. Check the weather forecast closer to the time of your vacation so there are no surprises.

Make sure your partner packs the appropriate outfit. If you are traveling to a hot destination, make sure to pack sunscreen. If it's a cold destination, remember to pack extra layers.

The destination

Choose a spot where you both like. If your partner prefers the snowy mountains, maybe don’t take a trip to a hot location. Ask questions before you book anything so you know your partners likes and dislikes.

Photo Courtesy of Artem Beliaikin

Hire a professional

Find a local proposal planner who has feet on the ground and can finalize all the last minute details for you. Hiring a proposal photographer will allow you to relax into the moment. The photographer can provide expert advice on the perfect proposal spots, timing and lighting.

Carry on the celebration

Plan a proposal party to extend your celebration. The local proposal planner can help with this. You could do interactive activities like candle-making or pizza making the day after your proposal.

Since 2018, we have been organizing the most romantic marriage proposals in Miami, Florida. We are locals so we know the perfect proposal spots. If you are ready to propose in Miami, we can't wait to get started on your partner's dream proposal. Contact us here

Wonder what a proposal planner does, take a look here.


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