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What is a Proposal Planner

Proposal planners are a fairly new category of wedding experts who help you plan the proposal of your dreams. Whatever you do, you really can’t overthink a marriage proposal.

Whether you’re a super-laid back couple or you’ve documented every second of your romance on Insta, the proposal sets the stage for the next phase of your relationship.

Proposal Planning: What Is It?

The proposal planning process is handled just like a wedding. It is meant to relieve the majority of the stress from the proposer. Planning the proposal, decorating the venue, and the celebration after you have popped the question, are all part of the planning process.

A proposal planner can help you hone in on what’s important to you and your love and recommend a plan that makes sense for you to propose. Procuring the best vendors to using a proposal photographer, they will give you some outside perspective.

Planning shouldn't be stressful

Indeed, some people are not natural planners, however having all this stress added to your proposal planning isn't necessary. It is already stressful to save for the ring! Plan your proposal with a proposal planner to ease your stress so that you can enjoy your special event!

They can take your idea, map out what needs to be done and how to achieve it. Whether it’s securing a venue, scouting proposal decor, inviting guests or booking a proposal photographer.

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Local advantage

A proposal planner who is local in the city where you’d like to pop the question is a huge benefit. Even if you have a location in mind, they can help you with day-of prep as you keep your boo occupied before the surprise proposal.


It can be tough to plan things, especially when your partner is present all the time. Your beau will be an impossible challenge, especially if they are intuitive!

When you use a proposal planner, you will only have to deal with a single point of contact.

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Ideas from a different perspective

Okay, we understand. It isn't easy to come up with new ideas after being together for years. Proposal planners are here for your creative needs! Your proposal planner can identify and incorporate elements of your relationship during the planning process. Depending on your preferences (romantic, adventurous, elegant, etc.), they can customize it to make it memorable for you and your honey.

Budgeting made easier

Proposal planners can show you how to stay within your budget. Your proposal idea can be scaled to your budget.

If you need help coming up with a proposal idea. We are regarded as the leading experts in proposal planning. We have assisted in planning countless proposals in Miami and South Florida. Schedule a proposal telephone consultation with us today!


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