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When to propose

Ready to take the next step in your relationship by proposing marriage?! Sure, it’s a huge deal, below, we have listed when it’s a good time to pop the question.

After you say “I love you”

You know you love the person and you want to let them know how serious you are about the relationship. Get down on bended knee and show them that they are the special one by asking the biggest commitment in your relationship.

After you move in together

Moving in together is a huge sign of commitment. If after a while of living together, you feel comfortable to move your relationship to the next level, why not surprise your partner with a home proposal! Just remember to hide the ring somewhere your partner would not look.

Photo Courtesy of Roselyn Tirado

After 2 years

This is typically a good time frame in your relationship. As there is enough history in the relationship to make the decision to move to the next level. You may know how your partner would like to be proposed to, as you may have talked about it previously.

Spent a major holiday together

You just spent Thanksgiving together, you met their family and friends. It felt comfortable and relaxed. Your thoughts for the future is that you want to spend more holidays with your partner. Maybe next major holiday, you can propose in-front of all your friends and family.

These are just a few moments in your relationship when you could propose. Also, check out our How to Propose blogpost, . We compiled a 'must-do' proposal checklist.

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