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Vizcaya Gardens Proposal Ideas

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is one our favorite Miami proposal locations.  The views, the ornate gardens and the classically romantic decorations seem to be made for proposals. When we are recommending Miami proposal ideas to our clients we always offer Vizcaya as ideal location. When you walk into Vizcaya you will immediately know why this is one of Miami’s top proposal locations.  This article will detail several Vizcaya proposal locations that we recommend. 

The Tea House - This is our most popular Vizcaya proposal idea and for good reason. The circular gazebo extends into the bay with large arches that create a window in each direction. We recommend an early morning proposal and to coordinate with a proposal planner who can prevent the flow of tourists entering for your special moment. 

The Casino - The large open air casino with classic painted ceilings. The casino is one of the farthest points in the garden, which allows you and your love time to appreciate Vizcaya before you propose.  The Casino is also our top outdoor Vizcaya proposal location incase of rain. Even though it is outdoors, it is large enough to be protected by the elements.    

Secret Garden Gazebo - Just South of The Secret Garden area there are two ivy covered gazebos. The small gazebos can frame your proposal moment perfectly.  Climb the stairs and ask your love to be by your side forever.

Stairs to the Garden Mound - On the East and West side of the garden mount stunning stairs seem to lead to garden heaven.  At the base of the stairs ask your love to marry you.

We hope this article has helped guide you towards Vizcaya as your ideal proposal location.  As professional Miami proposal planners, we would be honored to help you with your marriage proposal. Check out our Vizcaya proposal package.

Ready to plan your romantic marriage proposal? Contact Ludirak Photo, we help coordinate the details, so you can focus on a heartfelt proposal that you and your sweetheart will remember forever! Call us on (305)-815-7151 or email


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