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Proposing at Vizcaya Museum

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Why propose at the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens...

1. It's iconic!

The views at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens doesn't get much better! That's why millions of tourists flock to visit it each year. If you're going to propose at a famous Miami landmark then the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens must be high on your list.

2. It's romantic

Do we need to say more than.. the views! There aren't many more romantic views in the magic city than at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens. Take a stroll through the huge gardens and tea house with your honey.

3. The photos will be amazing

We provide a proposal photographer with every proposal package we offer. Just imagine what the photos will look like!

You'll be sharing the photos for years to come, so you want epic photos, and they don't get better than being down on one knee in the most astonishingly breath-taking place in Miami

Photo Courtesy of Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Let us plan your Vizcaya Museum & Gardens marriage proposal. If you’re ready to plan your romantic marriage proposal, contact Ludirak Photo! We can help coordinate the details, so you can focus on a heartfelt proposal that you and your sweetheart will remember forever! Call us on (305)-815-7151 or email for more information.


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