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Ways to propose at home

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

As we continue to practice social distancing, it’s proving difficult to get all of our loved ones under one roof. The arrival of Zoom has become a popular way for people to propose whilst staying safe at home. Friends and family can still be part of the occasion, whist socially distancing. Here are our 5 romantic ways you can propose at home.

1. Proposal Balloon Kit

Introducing Ludirak Photo Proposal Balloon Kit! This is our very own proposal balloon kit; it is the perfect way to propose. It includes an assortment of balloons and proposal décor, turning any room into a romantic place to propose.

2. Slideshow of Memories

Make a slideshow of all your favorite photographs together, you could add your favorite music in the background. This should set the mood for popping the question.

3. Cook favorite meal

Can’t dine at your favorite restaurant at the moment, no worries! How about cooking it at home for your love! Grab all the ingredients and start cooking. You can do it together or surprise your love with a candlelit supper.

4. Cocktail party

Host an intimate cocktail party. Be adventurous with your cocktails. But remember to ask the important question after a few sips!

5. Movie Night

Put on your favorite movie, make some popcorn. Tip: put the ring in the popcorn or when it comes to a soppy part in the movie, drop to your knees.

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