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What does a proposal planner do?

As marriage proposal planners, our job is to make sure that you focus on giving your partner the proposal of their dreams. You don't need to stress about the finer details that normally accompanies the important day, leave that to us!

Based on your answers from your relationship form; our proposal planners will create several personalized and romantic ideas for your special occasion.

Once you have chosen your favourite idea, we bring your proposal to life by enlisting vendors, scouting the perfect location and executing the event.

Save time

We hand-pick our vendors to ensure that you are getting the best service at all times.

Eliminate Stress

We understand that you may be overwhelmed and nervous when thinking about proposing to your partner. We elevate your stress by creating proposal ideas, determining the proposal location and selecting the vendors for your proposal.

Flawless Execution

We fulfill last detail, making sure that when you arrive to your marriage proposal. It is what you truly envisioned!

Begin planning your marriage proposal with us by calling on (305)-815-7151 or email us


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