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Thanksgiving Proposal

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the most popular times of the year to propose marriage. There is something romantic about the time of year. With Fall season in full swing, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the festive time of year.

Photo Courtesy of Everton Vila

As it's a time for family, so why not include family and friends into the special moment. You could plan to propose over dinner surrounded by your loved ones. If your home has a fireplace, get on bended knee in-front of the roaring fire. It makes the perfect backdrop for your proposal photos.

If you are looking for something more intimate, how about waking early and surprising your love with a stroll before breakfast. Start by saying all the things you adore about your honey and then ask the big question! Celebrate afterwards with a Champagne breakfast.

Plan your annual pumpkin picking with a twist. Picking out the perfect pumpkin is incredibly important. What would make it extra special is turning it into a marriage proposal! There could be a carved pumpkin saying "Will you marry me?' Surprise guaranteed!

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Photo Courtesy of Fabian Centeno

Thinking about proposing in Miami on Thanksgiving or over the festive season? We can help organize a proposal she never forgets! Get in touch here.


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