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Proposing at Matheson Hammock Park

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Spanning 630 acres of coastal Miami-just south of Coral Gables, Matheson Hammock Park is one of the most iconic parks in Miami, Florida. It makes for an amazing proposal with the scenic park featuring unspoiled landscape.

Photo Courtesy of Matheson Hammock Park

A day or night at Matheson Hammock Park is all about one thing: enjoying the natural beauty of Miami.

Why propose at Matheson Hammock Park

It's iconic

The park makes for a beautiful and romantic backdrop. If you're going to propose at a famous Miami landmark then Matheson Hammock Park must be high on your list. Read our best places to propose in Miami for all of the other most iconic places for your London proposal.

It's romantic

Do we need to say more than.. the view! There aren't many more places in the magic city more romantic than Matheson Hammock Park. Our proposal package includes a mouth-watering picnic, perfect to relax with your honey and pop that all important question!

Amazing photos

All of our proposal packages includes a photographer for the occasion. So all you have to worry about is social sharing the photos for years to come!

You can see our Proposal Packages or contact us here for a free consultation to discuss a proposal package.

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