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Proposal trends in 2019

Everyone wants their proposal to be one-of-a-kind and personal. At the same time, whether you're the asker or the asked, it's good to to know what's on trend.

Everything on camera

Making sure the key moments of the marriage proposal are documented on camera and video. The pure and natural emotions cannot be re-created.

Proposing with more than one ring

Questioning which ring they will love best? Why not let them decide by giving your partner several rings to choose from, they can try on each one and pick their absolute favorite!

High budget proposals

We are seeing more and more couples with wedding-sized budgets for their proposals.  We’re expecting 2019 to be the biggest yet with statement backdrops, firework displays, flower walls and huge installations.

Outdoor venues with a view

Whether it's on a mountain top or beach view, utilizing the natural views as part of the proposal decor is becoming more popular when popping the question.

Combining proposals with engagement photo sessions

With proposal photography becoming more popular, couples are using the shoots as an opportunity to get their engagement photo sessions done right away too.

From discreet and private to unconventional and unique, we will help plan and coordinate your perfect proposal every step of the way. Contact our proposal planners on (305)-815-7151 or email for more information.

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