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How to propose in Miami

Miami is known for its tropical climate. However, from June 1 to November 30 is Hurricane season, also known as rainy season. It may rain one moment and blue skies the next. We suggest checking the weather forecast the day before your proposal to avoid any disappointment.

The beaches in Miami are beautiful, so you’ll want your proposal photos to reflect that! We suggest wearing some flattering beach outfits, go with a dress shirt and some cute summer shorts, and get a cute new sundress for her! Pro tip - propose at sunrise or sunset.

Photo Courtesy of Ludirak Photo

Miami is perfect for your surprise outdoor engagement, as it has heaps of stunning venues to choose from. Historical locations like the Vizcaya Museum to luxury villas like Versace Mansion are some of the most picturesque locations in Miami. Pro tip - add a violinist to play your proposal song.

Whether you are thinking of an intimate or a grandiose proposal, consider your family and closest friends! Would they want to share the special moment. If that’s not possible, just involve them over Zoom.

Miami is a prime vacation destination and perfect for your marriage proposal. We are the most sought-after proposal planners in Miami. Let us create your romantic and memorable proposal. Schedule your telephone consultation with us today!


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