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5 ways to plan a marriage proposal

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

We have put together our top 5 ways to plan your most memorable marriage proposal.

1. Exotic Location

When you're brainstorming spots to pop the question—think big! Find an exotic locale that is remote and romantic, this could be the park or the beach. Think of somewhere which is special to you and your partner, just as long as the spot is totally picturesque.

2. Make it suspenseful

This is going to be the biggest question you ask in your life. Make sure you plan to arrive at the location an hour or so before it all goes down to ease your nerves and emotions. Give your partner instructions as to where to meet you and how to get there.

3. Rose petals - EVERYWHERE!

It's not romance without red rose petals all over the place. Roses—or any flowers, for that matter—will set the mood and add to the Instagram-worthy factor.

4. Give a heartfelt speech

With all the nerves, you may have the urge to collapse onto one knee. Instead, wait until they arrive and give them a three-to-five minute speech about how you can't imagine your life without them, building up perfectly to the main event.

5. Have a photographer/camera crew

If it's not on camera and the whole world can't watch it later, then did it really happen? A photographer will definitely elevate the proposal to a new level, it will be a memory you can look at for years to come.

Ready to pop the big question? Contact our marriage proposal planners today on (305)-815-7151, and we’ll help make your dream proposal a reality!


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