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Why you should hire a proposal expert

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

As proposal experts we spend our days ensuring that our couples have creative and unique proposals that are tailored to their relationship.


We love all things romance! This means that we are passionate about helping others create romantic memories for their loved ones.


Did you know that 75% of women wish that they could change their proposal story? Today, everybody wants a great proposal story to show off to their friends, so having a proposal expert to bounce ideas off is a brilliant way to come up with a unique idea that your partner will love.


Hiring a proposal expert removes the stress from your day as you are allowing someone else to deal with the logistics. This is just as much your day as it is your partners, so our aim is to remove the stress by ensuring that everything runs smoothly.


You may not think this, but there are so many little details involved with planning a proposal. By hiring a proposal expert you have someone else to remember these details for you! We’ll even provide you with a written plan to ensure that there are no problems on the day. That way you only have to focus on one thing!


As proposal experts our sole focus is making sure that you get the best proposal for your budget.

If you have been inspired by this post and would like help planning your dream proposal call us on (305)-815-7151 or have a look at our proposal packages.


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