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Proposal Trends 2024

Updated: Apr 15

Personalized experiences, intimate settings, and creative proposals are whats on trend in 2024. Social media announcements and eco-friendly ring choices are also gaining in popularity. Here is our list below of what to look out for in 2024:

Personalization: Couples are increasingly opting for personalized and unique engagement experiences that reflect their relationship. This could include customized proposals, incorporating shared memories, or selecting unique engagement rings.

Intimate settings: Smaller, more intimate proposals are on the rise, emphasizing the significance of the moment and creating a more personal atmosphere. Sand Wax candles are the go-to proposal candle as they are more eco-friendly.

Destination Proposals: Choosing picturesque or meaningful locations for proposals has been a trend. Whether it's a scenic mountain peak, a beach, or a cityscape, couples are selecting destinations that hold significance to them.

Technology Integration: Some proposals involve technology, such as virtual reality (VR) proposals, live-streaming the event for friends and family who can't be present, or using creative tech elements to enhance the proposal experience.

Social Media Sharing: Many couples are sharing their engagement moments on social media platforms, often with professionally shot photos or videos. Social media allows for instant sharing of the joyous news with friends and family.

Unique Ring Designs: Non-traditional and unique engagement ring designs have become increasingly popular. This includes alternative gemstones, vintage-inspired settings, and custom-designed rings that showcase the couple's style.

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