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Valentines Day Proposal

Valentine’s Day is the ideal day to surprise your significant other by proposing. It doesn’t matter how long you have been waiting, there is always love in the air on Valentine’s Day! It is one of the most romantic days, and with hearts and Cupid’s bows everywhere, it is easy to see why many people get engaged on February 14th.

Since it is known all over the world as a day of romance and love, a Valentine’s Day proposal is a cute way of popping the question. Most engagements take place between November and February, which makes this period sometimes referred to as the"proposal season." Apart from Valentine’s Day, it also includes other holidays like Christmas and New Year's.

Why do People Get Engaged on Valentine’s Day?

Many couples believe that getting engaged on Valentine’s Day is a romantic way of taking their relationship to the next level. Although Valentine’s Day proposals are quite common, with proper planning, you can make it a memorable experience for you and your partner.

Around 10% of couples in the United States of America prefer to propose on Valentine’s Day. There are a couple of reasons why this is a good idea.

Romantic Atmosphere

The common symbols of this holiday include roses, hearts, chocolates, and diamonds. All these lead to a romantic atmosphere that is perfectly set up for proposals.


Unlike Christmas and Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day is an intimate holiday for couples. There are no large parties or family commitments, which gives the newly engaged some time to themselves before informing their family and friends.

Ease of Planning

Most restaurants, spas, resorts, and other romantic destinations have ready-made Valentine’s Day packages that you can take advantage of to make the moment special.

Valentine’s Day Ideas

You can propose to your partner in a variety of ways. If you have no idea how to go about it, there is no need to worry. Here are five of the most romantic ways to propose on Valentine’s Day.

Recreate your first date

There are few things more romantic than recreating your first date for your proposal. Plan the same activity or book the same restaurant you first went to. Complete it with the same clothes, food, drinks, and music. Then finish it up by going down on your knees to propose.

Propose with a song

You do not have to be a musician to sing for your partner if they enjoy music. You can propose to them on Valentine’s Day at a karaoke bar. But if you are shy, you sing to them at home. You could sing their favorite song to them or compose an original song, then propose afterwards.

Say it with chocolates: Chocolates are synonymous with Valentine’s Day, so why not use them to propose? You can even personalize the chocolates to spell out a heartfelt proposal.

Use flowers: This is a tried-and-true way of proposing. Use their favorite flower to create a trail to lead them to the perfect spot. Use flower petals to write the words, "Will you marry me?" and, as she reads them, go down on your knee with the ring.

Make use of your words: If you are a romantic who loves writing, you can use your skill to propose. Write down what you feel about her in notes and letters and place them in their favorite places in the house so that they find them one by one. The last card should have the main question that you want to ask.

How to Surprise Your Partner on Valentine’s Day

Despite the number of Valentine’s Day proposals that take place every year, it could still be a romantic and memorable moment for you and your partner. The most important thing is to ensure that it is unique and personal.

  • Flowers: Instead of going for roses like every other couple, why not pick out more exotic and beautiful flowers for the proposal? Some great choices include ranunculus, peonies, and orchids.

  • Surprise Party: If your partner feels that Valentine’s Day is a cheesy holiday, then why not turn it into a huge surprise party? You can then propose to them in front of your family and friends and enjoy the applause and cheers that come with the "yes."

  • Spa Day: You can kick off your Valentine’s Day proposal by surprising your partner with a spa day. Or, to make it even more romantic, you can create a spa atmosphere in your home before they arrive.

  • Pet Proposal: If your partner is an animal lover, then you can get them a pet as a Valentine’s Day gift. You can hang the ring box on the neck of their new furry friend and watch them beam for joy.

Tips for a Valentine’s Day Proposal

If you are planning to get engaged on Valentine’s Day, here are some tips that you should keep in mind.

  • Make sure your partner likes Valentine’s Day: If your partner believes that Valentine’s Day is a cheesy holiday, they will not find the proposal as romantic as you do. So, you should ensure that it is a day that you both enjoy.

  • Ensure that the proposal is personal and unique: Because millions of couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day, it is important to make sure that your proposal is personal and memorable. Don’t let that moment be overwhelmed by other couples. If you want, you can get your family and friends involved.

  • Shun restaurants: As a way of keeping your proposal personal, it is important to avoid restaurant proposals on Valentine’s Day. All the nicest and most popular restaurants would be crowded, loud, and distracting. If you would love to propose over dinner, you can cook together with your partner or get a private chef to cook in your home.

  • Make it a surprise: Do not make it obvious that you are planning to propose. Try to catch your partner by surprise, and even if you get nervous, just act as if you are preparing a Valentine’s Day surprise.

  • Be romantic: Before the proposal, remember to pick up some flowers or your partner’s favorite chocolates. You can even personalize some cookies or hearts to make the proposal more romantic.

  • Get it on camera: Most photographers are booked for weeks in advance before Valentine’s Day. If you can’t get a professional photographer to capture the moment, at least ensure that a friend is there with a camera.

If you are considering a Valentine’s Day proposal, contact us and let’s make the moment memorable. We offer potential clients a free telephone consultation so that we can discuss their plans together. You can also get in touch with us via email.


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