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5 Marriage Proposal Trends of 2023

A marriage proposal is a memorable experience, and couples are now going beyond getting down on bended knee and sharing a few romantic words. From current trends, it is obvious that couples are looking to create unique marriage proposal experiences. Although certain traditions remain, such as asking for parents’ blessings, going down on a bent knee, and carrying out a holiday proposal, a recent study shows that around half of all proposers are under some kind of pressure to pull off a unique proposal. The leading 5 marriage proposal trends of 2023 show that marriage proposals are planned just like weddings, with proposers booking venues, creating décor, hiring vendors, and more.

While planning these marriage proposals can be quite costly, the goal is to create an incredibly special and personalized moment that takes the other partner by surprise and also to create stunning content to post on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 marriage proposal trends of 2023 that will change the proposal experience. So, if you are planning a marriage proposal or think that you might soon be taking the next step in your relationship, here are some of the things to expect this year.

1. Wedding Arches

Wedding arches have always been an integral part of marriage proposals, but in 2023, we may even see an increase in this trend. Everywhere you look, you find heart-shaped arches, circle arches, asymmetrical arches, wooden arches, and half-moon arches. They look breathtaking in the proposal pictures, and the whole experience seems out of this world.

Instead of using real flowers, many proposal planners use silk, mostly because real flowers are quite expensive. Flower arrangements are one of the biggest expenses at weddings, but with silk, they become much more affordable.

The best thing about arches is that you can use them almost anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you want to propose on the rooftop, in your backyard, or in the park. The proposal spot is automatically transformed to look impressively romantic. This makes it the perfect decoration and photograph opportunity for the proposal. Check out this proposal arch.

2. Rooftop Proposals

While many proposals take place at home or in public places like beaches or parks, more and more proposers are starting to book private spaces where they can be alone with their partners. For this reason, rooftops and other locations with views are gaining popularity. Rooftops provide a modern space with plenty of stunning backdrop options, which makes them perfect for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

While renting an exclusive space for a marriage proposal is quite costly, many couples love the intimacy and absence of distractions.

For those that enjoy a more natural setting, garden venues are also quite popular for proposals. Garden proposals are more popular because you can easily plan a "stroll" through the gardens until you reach the proposal spot. They are also very large and therefore feel private without having to rent a space.

You can plan lakeside and beachside proposals as it allows you to hike, walk and connect with each other before reaching the proposal location with a breathtaking view.

3. Marquee Letters

Over the past 5 years, the "Marry Me" marquee letter sign has proven to be a complete hit when it comes to marriage proposals. As a result, it is difficult to see this trend going away anytime soon; however, new variations are emerging.

Already, we are beginning to see "Will You Marry Me?" signs more often. This is more ideal for couples having a more formal marriage proposal because it is less commanding and more mature. It also makes for a perfect backdrop for a proposal photo session. But if you don’t want to use the complete phrase, try to add a question mark to the "Marry Me" sign.

In 2022, most marquee letters would be 3 feet tall. But since the trend in 2023 is most likely the whole phrase, then we are likely going to see an increase in 2-foot letters. For larger venues with more space for a large sign, 5 ft.-tall letters are a great choice, but they are usually too big to fit in the pictures.

4. Personalized Neon Signs

This trend was popular towards the end of last year, and we can see it becoming a huge marriage proposal trend this year. Custom signs have already been used at baby showers, bachelorette parties, weddings, and now marriage proposals. It is a great way to personalize your proposal and turn it into a memorable experience.

Neon signs are available in different sizes and colors, so it is easy to customize and be creative with them. Unlike the large "Marry Me" signs that are already quite popular, neon looks more luxurious. Phrases like "it was always you", "better together", and "say yes" are currently trending.

Although they are quite elegant, you will have to place them on an arch or wall in order to achieve that exquisite look. So, you can consider the neon sign as an addition to your proposal decorations, but not as the entire décor by itself. You can also work with a professional proposal planner to help you choose the perfect sign for your proposal. Take a look at this neon sign.

5. Wedding-Type Décor

Nowadays, décor for marriage proposals is more than just candles and petals. Proposers are starting to hire professional florists to create a proposal backdrop that is similar to that of a wedding altar. Many wedding-style trends are now being used for marriage proposals as well. This helps to create a personalized experience and also captures the attention of social media followers.

Just like weddings, the décor has specific color schemes to guarantee a beautiful look and feel for the important occasion. In 2023, proposal planners predict a darker and bolder choice of décor. This will be in place of the neutral trend that has become the norm in previous years.

In order to effectively pull off these new trends, it is important to seek expert assistance. Hiring professional proposal planners will help to take the pressure off so that you can just focus on popping the question.

No matter which trend you choose to follow, hiring a professional photographer is essential. Many proposers are also starting to hire videographers to capture important moments and create short two- or three-minute videos to share with loved ones absent from the proposal.

If you are planning a marriage proposal in Miami, then reach out to us. We are the most in-demand proposal planners in Miami, and you can get started by booking your complimentary telephone proposal consultation.

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